Our mediators

Are all volunteers

Come from different backgrounds

Are all fully trained and have great communication skills

Are competent, committed and compassionate

Work in teams of two or three to help you and your neighbour resolve your dispute

Our mediation planners

When we receive your referral one of our team of mediation planners will contact you to explain how mediation works, discuss what you expect from it and assess your suitability.

With your permission your neighbour will also be contacted. If you both agree a meeting will be arranged with two of our mediators.

Our mediation supervisors

So that we maintain the highest standards in all our mediations our mediation team is supported by professional supervisors who provide them with training and continuous development.

Our service administrator

At the centre of our service delivery is our administrator. All email and voice message enquiries along with referrals and case management are  handled by our administrator.

Our charity trustees

All our Trustees are volunteers appointed by the charity to oversee the governance and operation of the service.

As a registered charity EMS is required to operate in line with charity law and it’s the trustees who ensure this happens.