Self Referrals

Ealing residents. Can I refer myself to EMS?

Please first consider if Ealing Council, your housing association, or the police will refer you to EMS as there would then be no charge to you personally.  

If you still then decide to refer yourself to EMS for a proposed mediation, please contact us here. After discussion as to whether mediation is the right approach for your situation, we will let you know if there would be a charge to you and/or the other party for the mediation.

If you don’t live in Ealing

EMS may be able to help. First, if your situation is on the radar of another organisation (e.g., a local authority other than the London Borough of Ealing (LBE), your housing association or your local police force) you can ask them if they will contact us to request that EMS takes on your case. Important to note that we would quote a price to the referring organisation that they would first need to accept.  This is because EMS receives funds from LBE for its referrals but does not have sufficient further funding sources to cover mediations from outside LBE. If you and the other party to the mediation were unable to travel to Ealing for mediation sessions, then the sessions would be via an online platform. Regrettably, EMS cannot afford to reimburse your travel expenses to LBE for in-person mediation sessions.

Or, if you are truly on your own, then contact EMS here directly. If EMS decides to take on your case, there will normally be charge for a mediation “self-referral” from outside the Ealing borough.