Making a Referral to Ealing Mediation Service

If you are having trouble with a neighbour please get in touch, even if you think mediation will not help you. Contacting us does not commit you to taking part but will give you an opportunity to talk things through. Mediation is a voluntary process; people can choose whether or not they wish to take part. 

LB Ealing referrals

A problem or dispute between neighbours, or within the wider community can cause stress, anger and fear, and a headache for professionals working in the community. We may be able to help. Please contact us if there is a neighbourhood situation you think might benefit from mediation. It is important for us to have names and contacts for all those involved.

Please know that mediation is a voluntary process; people can choose whether or not they wish to take part and for a variety of reasons, some will choose not to. In these instances, we can help people individually by providing coaching conversations. 

Registered Social Landlord referrals 

EMS offers a not-for-profit package to Registered Social Landlords in Ealing.   Please contact us for details here

Out of Borough referrals 

We welcome enquiries about using our services from London local authorities beyond Ealing. If you have a case which you think would benefit from mediation, please contact us to discuss.  Please contact us for details here

Can I arrange a mediation with EMS directly?

Ealing residents 

Please first consider if Ealing Council, your housing association, or the police will refer you to EMS as there would then be no charge to you personally.   

If you still then decide to refer yourself to EMS to request mediation or you are a tenant of a private landlord or an owner-occupier, Please contact us for details here

We will discuss with you whether mediation is the right approach for your situation. We will also let you know if we can provide this service free of charge.

London residents living outside Ealing 

If your situation is known to another organisation such as your local borough council, your housing association or your local police force you should ask them if they will contact us to request that we take on your case.